Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Traditional Rajputi dress: 'Rajputi Poshaak'

Rajputi Poshaak is a traditional dress worn by Rajput women.

Rajput women prefer poshaaks to sarees and wear them routinely as well as on festive occasions. On festive occasions, poshaaks made of chiffon material are worn.

A poshaak consists of two tops, a skirt and a long dupatta  known as 1.5 patti dupatta. There is a blouse with elbow sleeves known as 'kaanchli' and a straight cut sleeveless kurta (long enough to cover the navel and longer than lower waist as well) known as 'kurti' (see image below).

The kurti is worn over the kanchli and only sleeves of the  kanchli are visible. The dupatta is draped exactly in the style seen in this picture.

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  1. Nice Blog! Nowadays People's are extremely enthusiastic about the Rajputi Poshak. The Traditional outfit is colorful and elaborate and is still proudly worn by Rajput’s. Thanks for sharing information about the Rajputi Poshak.