Sunday, 9 August 2015

Rajputi jewellery: 'Pankhi haar'

'Pankhi' means a traditional fan with a handle as shown below. Pankhi jewellery is shaped to look like a pankhi. Pankhi necklace and earrings are increasing becoming popular among Rajput women as well.

Source: Indiamart
'Pankhi haar' or pankhi style necklace is especially popular in Rajasthan and Rajput women often wear it with Poshaaks and sarees. 

Pankhi haar
Source: Pinterest
Pankhi style earrings are also worn. 

Woman wearing Pankhi earrings and a Pankhi haar (partly visible)
Source: Pinterest

Pankhi  haar and earrings set: Pankhi style necklace and earrings
Source: Pinterest

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