Sunday, 2 August 2015

Rajputi jewellery: Aad

'Aad' is a special kind of princess necklace (generally falls between the lower neck and bust line) worn by Rajput women.

In this still from popular movie Zubeida shown below, Rekha and Karishma Kapoor are wearing 'Aad' with other Rajputi jewellery and traditional dress.

It is a carved out gold rectangular, square or triangular block fastened with many strings of tiny pearls from both ends (see picture below). The lady in the picture below is wearing aad necklace.

The size of the gold block may vary but if it becomes too small, it is no longer called an 'aad' but 'mini aad'. It is a choker necklace (instead of a princess one) The only difference between an aad and a mini aad that the size of the gold block is small in a mini-aad. The aad is made in different shapes and sizes as shown below.
Source: Indiamart

In the picture above, the smallest design is that of a mini aad while all other three ones are aads. However, if the gold block / plate is too small or if there is a small pendant instead, then the necklace is known as a "chick" necklace and not an aad.

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