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Rajputi jewellery: Set of three necklaces ('Ranihaar', 'चिक necklace' and a 'shorter Rani haar' necklace)

Many Rajput women are gifted a set of three pearl necklaces and long earrings on their weddings. The longest one is known as the 'Ranihaar' and the shortest collar / choker necklace is known as "चिक" (prononced 'chick') necklace. There is also a shorter Ranihaar which in many cases, is exactly like the longest one: only the length varies.

Ranihaar: "Rani haar" literally means queen's necklace. It is a long necklace (longer than opera but can be shorter or longer than lariat or rope depending on the preference) worn by women of various communities.

Traditional Rajputi Ranihaar is a necklace made of three to six strings of pearls which hold a large pendant as shown below. A variation of Ranihaar known as "Satlada" is a Mughal style necklace but is hardly worn by Rajput women in general. The picture below shows a traditional Rajputi Ranihaar but her hand is overshadowing the pendant. The second image shows the Ranihaar and earrings.

Traditional Ranihaar
Source: Pinterest

Ranihaar with pearl gold earrings
Source: Indiamart

"चिक"  or "chick" necklace: As stated, three similar necklaces of varying lengths are popular among Rajputs. The shortest one is a collar (sometimes choker) necklace known as "चिक"  or "chick" necklace as shown below:

'Chick' necklace
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The 'chick' necklace can be worn by unmarried women and children. However, in most cases, Ranihaar is gifted to a woman only at the time of her wedding. Also, traditional Rani haar is always made of white pearls but this is not necessarily the case with the "chick" necklace. The term "chick" necklace now refers to any choker / chollar necklace which holds a small pendant.

The set of three necklaces and earrings are shown below:

Complete set of three necklaces  and earrings
(Ranihaar, 'chick' necklace and third medium necklace with earrings)
Source: Photo-bugs